Who We Are

Our History

A Commitment to Nurture, Teach and Sustain the Experience of Connectedness, Companionship and Community

Genesis is a united team that is committed to innovative care to support the most vulnerable individuals. Since the company’s inception in May of 2012, we have been awarded provider of the year in 2014 by the ARC of Oakland County and have presented at numerous conferences on the philosophy of care we stand by.

We have grown to a company that supports over 75 individuals and 150 team members. We are very proud to be acknowledged has an organization that can work with some of the most complex cases.

Our dedication is to serve others, while centering all that we do on building meaningful relationships. We serve folks in all of Michigan.

Our Mission

To empower people by developing interdependent relationships facilitated by gentle supports and to inspire change, by creating opportunities and cultivating hope.

Our Vision

Empowering people, inspiring change.

Our Goals

Genesis is Dedicated to Building Nurturing Relationships with the Individuals We Serve

  • To create a culture that supports gentleness throughout the entire organization.
  • To lead by example
  • To be fiscally responsible
  • Focus on the person and not the action
  • Improve the lives of marginalized individuals
  • To advocating for the folks whose voices may not be listened to
  • Embrace the attitude of making a difference every day
  • To be relentless in building and sustaining a unified team
  • Focus on the development of our team
  • Strive for growth; promote personal and professional growth
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The Latest from Genesis

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